Jul 06

Black Girls RUN / Drive to End Hunger 5K/10K Race

Date: Friday, September 14 – Saturday, September 16, 2012
Black Girls RUN! Drive to End Hunger is your chance to help tackle food insecurity in a different way. Black Girls RUN and AARP! will host the inaugural Black Girls RUN!/Drive to End Hunger 5K/10K Race Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, September 14-16, 2012. The event will bring greater awareness to the nationwide efforts of organizations’ Black Girls RUN! and AARP to fight obesity and hunger respectively.

While food insecurity plagues the United States, our country is also waging war against the highest obesity rates our nation has ever seen. Black Girls RUN! and AARP believes that everyone deserves the right to have healthy, nutritional food available at all times. Leading up to the race, Black Girls RUN! and AARP will collect donations from participants, volunteers and the public. The organizations will work to collect 100,000 pounds of food to be donated to Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless in Atlanta.

The Black Girls RUN!/ Drive to End Hunger 5K/10K and the entire race weekend is open to everyone. Male runners/walkers are encouraged to participate as well.


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16Black Girls RUN/Drive to End Hunger 5K/10K Race
Location: Atlantic Station (Race route coming soon!)
Time: 7a.m.

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