Jan 18

Roswell Area Park Trail Map

Roswell Area Park - 5K Loop

Roswell Area Park - 5K Loop

I have been running here a lot lately. It is a great mix of pavement and trail, sun and shade, flat areas and hills. There are five marked trails all by color that range from a 5k on down to a 1 mile loop. You can mix it up here to total however many hills or miles you want. The map here is of the 5k loop (the orange route).

To find this park, just plug the following address into your GPS:

10495 Woodstock Rd
Roswell, GA 30075

In addition to the great running trails you will find a large, public activity center, a swimming pool that costs $5 a day (or free with membership), an art gallery, baseball and soccer fields, a great playground, tennis courts and a community center for public functions (the Roswell Rotary club meets here on Thursdays).

Again, I can’t find an “official” trail map for this park, but when you pull into the parking lot, you will find all 5 paths clearly marked on a map as well as trail markers throughout the course.

If you have any map information, please drop me a note and I will include it!


Rank: Intermediate
Length: Varies based on trail – longest is 3.1 Miles
Surface: Natural / Dirt and Paved
Facilities: Scattered Throughout Park
Water Fountains: Near Main Parking Lot
Directions: 10495 Woodstock Rd

Roswell, GA 30075


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